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Hickory, North Carolina 2 comments
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Sam Wyatt is a *** artist who opperates out of Denver,NC.Originaly he put the ownership of the bussiness under my mothers name.

Once the state of New York filed judgments against her and the IRS strated prosecution against her for tax evation the bussiness was put in the name of a "phantom" employee. His M.O. is to borrow from lenders under someone elses name and not pay. He also refuses to pay taxes on the bussiness since its not in his name.If you go into his shop and order a part for your cart and it is not there.

If you pay cash well you just lost your money cause that part will not be ordered. I hope some feds get up on this soon since no local authorities will. In this day where people are losing millions to the *** artist like this ***, and regular honest people struggle to pay the bills why can't you expect local police to get involved. He operates on a major highway.

Highway 16 in Denver is where all buissness are surely one of the many officers like seargeant Larry *** who frequents the shop reguraly has to see whats goin on.

Review about: Club Car.



Sam still owes me $1,500 dollars worth of merchandise.


Does any one have a current address or contact information for Sam Wyatt or Mr. Larry ***?

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